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Kangaroo Island is the third-largest island in Australia. It is also known as the ‘Karta Pintingga’, which means “Island of the Dead.” The island covers 4,416 square kilometres of area and is approximately 155 kilometres long and 55 kilometres wide. The ocean, with a 15-kilometre stretch named Backstairs Passage, separates this island from the mainland.

It’s truly a heaven for nature lovers and those seeking a shelter in Mother Nature’s lap. With plenty of habitual wildlife such as koalas, echidnas, kangaroos, sea lions, wallabies, goannas, and numerous farmlands, Kangaroo Island has a lot to offer worth grabbing your heart.

It takes three to four days to explore all of its attractions and get involved in the activities on this island. Below you will find a complete guide to Kangaroo Island, including how to get there, places to visit, outdoor and sports activities you can do with your family, where to stay, places to eat, and much more.

Name Kangaroo Island
Address South Australia, Australia
Opening Hours Open 24 hours
How To Reach

By Air: You can reach Kangaroo Island via REX and Qantas commercial flights from Adelaide to Kangaroo Island. The journey by plane will only take 30–40 minutes.

By Ferry: You can also reach Kangaroo Island by taking the ferry Sealink that runs between Cape Jervis on mainland Australia to Penneshaw on Kangaroo Island. It will only take 45 minutes.

Best Time To Visit Summer (December-February)

Places To Visit On Kangaroo Island

Once you have figured out how to get to the island, where to stay, where to eat, and have arranged for transportation, it’s time to talk about the main reason for visiting the island, exploring its natural beauty, and visiting famous landmarks and attractions. This island is home to many attractions that draw visitors from all over the world every year. Below, you will find a list of some of the most popular places to explore.

1. Flinders Chase National Park

Flinders Chase National Park

There are lots of things to see in Flinders Chase National Park, like the Remarkable Rocks. These are amazing rock formations bearing a golden orange colour that look like art formed by nature. These granite rocks are formed by the forces of the sea and wind, and it’s said that they are over 500 million years old. You can sit on these ancient rocks to get photos clicked with your family.

Capturing fun moments and memories in the form of photos here would be the best thing. Be extra careful when driving in this place, especially at dawn and dusk. This park has limited toilets, and no restaurants are available to eat or drink. There is a general store close by, so make sure you pack your own water, snacks, food, drinks, and some extra fuel before coming here.

Name Flinders Chase National Park
Address S Coast Rd, Flinders Chase SA 5223, Australia
Opening Hours Monday: Open 24 hours
Tuesday: Open 24 hours
Wednesday: Open 24 hours
Thursday: Open 24 hours
Friday: Open 24 hours
Saturday: Open 24 hours
Sunday: Open 24 hours
Phone number +61885534444
Facilities Portable toi­lets | Parking area
Google Review – “Remarkable rocks are so unique and great view of the Indian Ocean! Nice walk as well!” – Weifeng Cheng

2. Kangaroo Island Wildlife Park

Kangaroo Island Wildlife Park

Kangaroo Island Wildlife Park is pretty famous for koalas, as one can hold these cute, furry animals in their hands after visiting here. Holding and playing with a koala will be an experience for a lifetime, as it is one of the best attractions on this island. Apart from the koalas, this park has more than 500 animals and over 100 species to see, including snakes, penguins, and kangaroos.

Visiting this place lets you interact with animals and participate in the feeding sessions as well. The friendly staff member provides you with knowledge of the animals living there. They will also inform you about the rescue operation that happened in the tragic 2020 forest fire. This park has been rescuing animals from accidents and taking good care of them. Considering it, you can also donate some money for their well-being.

Name Kangaroo Island Wildlife Park
Address 4068 Playford Hwy, Duncan SA 5223, Australia
Opening Hours Monday: 9:30am–5pm
Tuesday: 9:30am–5pm
Wednesday: 9:30am–5pm
Thursday: 9:30am–5pm
Friday: 9:30am–5pm
Saturday: 9:30am–5pm
Sunday: 9:30am–5pm
Phone number +61885596050
Facilities Cafe | Car Park | Coach Parking | Family Friendly | Food and Refreshments | Interpretive Centre | Kiosk | Picnic Area | Public Toilet | Shop/Gift Shop

Google Review – “We had an amazing day at the wildlife park as we did the private tour. The tour is definitely worth the money, we highly recommend to do that. We were shown so many animals and got a lot of information about them. It was fantastic and we would love to do it again ” – An Ni

3. Raptor Domain

Raptor Domain

The Raptor Domain is a place built to protect birds and reptiles, and they are also in charge of rescuing, rehabilitating, educating, and researching them. It provides a presentation to the visitors to show the value of the wildlife. The visitors also learn about different reptile species, like lizards, snakes, and various other kinds of reptiles, by seeing them up close. Other than birds and reptiles, they even showcase arthropods like spiders, scorpions, and many more.

They also hold various sessions, like Free-flight Birds of Prey, in which they display birds like barn owls, kookaburras, eagles, kites, and cockatoos. For those looking for a more personalised experience, they have a session named Private Experience, which allows you to meet your favourite birds and hold them in your arms. Apart from these two, they have a reptile presentation in which you can see these venomous creatures from a safe distance.

Name Raptor Domain
Address 58 Seal Bay Rd, Seal Bay SA 5223, Australia
Opening Hours Monday: 11am–4pm
Tuesday: 11am–4pm
Wednesday: 11am–4pm
Thursday: 11am–4pm
Friday: 11am–4pm
Saturday: 11am–4pm
Sunday: 11am–4pm
Phone number +61439333430
Facilities Cafe | Car Park | Coach Parking | Family Friendly | Food and Refreshments | Interpretive Centre | Kiosk | Picnic Area | Public Toilet | Shop/Gift Shop
Google Review – “We attended the birds of prey presentation. Enjoyed very much. We were able to hold birds and have several different birds presented. Bird handlers are very knowledgeable and provided lots of insight into habitat and important characteristics of each bird. Highly recommend a visit. ” – Joanne Sigler

4. Admirals Arch

Admirals Arch

Located in Cape du Couedic comes Admirals Arch, which is an amazing rock arch made by the natural forces of wind and water thousands of years ago. It forms a remarkable rock bridge. This is very close to Flinders Chase National Park. There is a boardwalk around the cliff that leads to the viewing platform of the Admirals Arch.

There is a lighthouse on the south-west side of this island that overlooks the extraordinary views of the ocean. This place is now home to long-nosed fur seals plus the amazing artistic structure, purely made by nature makes this place worth visiting as well. 

Name Admirals Arch
Address Flinders Chase SA 5223, Australia
Opening Hours Monday: 9am–5pm
Tuesday: 9am–5pm
Wednesday: 9am–5pm
Thursday: 9am–5pm
Friday: 9am–5pm
Saturday: 9am–5pm
Sunday: 9am–5pm
Phone number +61 8 8553 4450
Facilities Car Park | Coach Parking | Family Friendly | Lookouts | Non Smoking | Public Toilet
Google Review – “Another highlight especially in good weather and at sunset – the light was incredible! What amazing ocean breakers rolling through the straight. The fur seals are funny plopped on the rocks, jumping into the water for play. Take the walk to Weirs lookout! ” – Jayendra Birchall

5. Kangaroo Island Ocean Safari

Ocean Safari

Kangaroo Island Ocean Safari can give a person an amazing underwater experience. It operates in South Australia and gives people the opportunity to swim and explore marine life. The visitors get an amazing chance to see wild dolphins and long-nosed seals. They can also see the amazing birdlife, like the eagle.

Your friendly guide gives you information about the place and entertains you with their funny commentary. This safari lets you swim with wild dolphins and playful, long-nosed seals. It has won the South Australian Tourism Award, and it will surely give you an unforgettable experience. So make sure you take part in the safari while you are on Kangaroo Island.

Name Kangaroo Island Ocean Safari
Address Christmas Cove Marina, Penneshaw SA 5222, Australia
Opening Hours Monday: 8am–5pm
Tuesday: 8am–5pm
Wednesday: 8am–5pm
Thursday: 8am–5pm
Friday: 8am–5pm
Saturday: 8am–5pm
Sunday: 8am–5pm
Phone number +61870829607
Facilities Comfortable | Safe | Fun

 Google Review – “We had an absolutely fantastic experience on the ocean safari. Getting up close and personal with dolphins was a breathtaking experience, and the guides were brilliant. We saw a lot and learned a lot, all in all a great 75 minutes.” – Colin Smith

Sports Activities On Kangaroo Island

Kangaroo Island is packed with adventure activities like biking, sandboarding at the Little Sahara Adventure Centre, and quad biking in the wild on Kangaroo Island Outdoor Action. Involving yourself in such activities can make your trip incredibly fun and give you the best memories of your lifetime.

1. Little Sahara Adventure Center

Little Sahara Adventure Center
This centre is a nature-made playground with dunes. You can take a sandboard and surf on the sand like some professional athlete, or you can just sit on a toboggan and enjoy the slide on the dunes. Kids will surely love it here since they always like to play on sand. This place also offers bikes to ride. Biking down the dunes will give you a thrilling experience and make you feel like you are riding a bike in the Sahara desert. Other than these sports activities, you can hire a guide for a buggy tour of this place. No matter what you choose to do here, one thing is for sure: It will give you an experience that you won’t forget.
Name Little Sahara Adventure Centre
Address 3733 S Coast Rd, Vivonne Bay SA 5223, Australia
Opening Hours Monday: 9am–5pm
Tuesday: 9am–5pm
Wednesday: 9am–5pm
Thursday: 9am–5pm
Friday: 9am–5pm
Saturday: 9am–5pm
Sunday: 9am–5pm
Phone number +61885594224
Facilities Buggy Tours | Sand Boarding & Tobogganing | Fat Bike Tours
Google Review – “My 11 year old granddaughter and my wife and I had a great time! Candice was a wonderful guide and driver on the ATV trip and my granddaughter was an instant pro sandboarding.” – Grant Melocik

2. Kangaroo Island Outdoor Action

Kangaroo Island Outdoor Action

This place offers adventurous experiences in nature. You can have fun by riding a quad bike into the wild, where you can spot many animals. Kangaroos and koalas are common on some tours. Other than that, you can also see wallabies, echidnas, and goannas. Enjoy your ride while looking at amazing landscapes. The tour package can be different from the 1.5-hour, 3-hour, full-day, and multi-day packages.

You can choose which package suits you best. Other than quad bikes, you can also enjoy kayaking on a five-kilometre-long and calm river named the Harriet River. You can paddle on it and get the chance to see different bird species and other wild animals. You can choose a guided kayak tour or hire kayaks and enjoy yourself. They provide you with the latest kayaks with a backrest. So that you can be comfortable and have the best time.

Name Kangaroo Island Outdoor Action
Address Jetty Rd, Vivonne Bay SA 5223, Australia
Opening Hours Monday: 9am–5pm
Tuesday: 9am–5pm
Wednesday: 9am–5pm
Thursday: 9am–5pm
Friday: 9am–5pm
Saturday: 9am–5pm
Sunday: 9am–5pm
Phone number +61885594296
Facilities Quad biking | Kayaking | Team Building
Google Review – “Pete from outdoor action is a Legend! We had a great time during the sunset on Kangaroo Island. Kid really enjoyed the ride! Quite special!” – Christina Chen

Where To Stay On Kangaroo Island: Best Accommodation Options

Travelling on the island to see all the places will take more than a day. Thus, you need to rest somewhere to spend the night. Luckily, this island has a vast number of motels, resorts, cabins, and luxurious hotels to choose from. While most people choose hotels in Kingscote, as it is the largest town on the island with 4 to 5-star hotels, There are other options as well that will give you a completely different experience than staying at a hotel.

1. Aurora Ozone Hotel

Aurora Ozone Hotel

The Aurora Ozone Hotel is the largest 4-star hotel on Kangaroo Island. It is located in Kingscote. This hotel is well-known for its epic services, like a good hygienic place, a great view, and free wi-fi in all the rooms. This hotel provides their customers with lots of facilities like a car park, outdoor swimming pool, luggage storage, bar, cash withdrawal, and contactless check-in/out. So if you like to stay in a luxurious hotel, then this is the place for you. 

Name Aurora Ozone Hotel
Address Overlooking the Foreshore, 67 Chapman Terrace, Kingscote SA 5223, Australia
Opening Hours -
Phone number +61885532011
Facilities Gym | Pool | ATM | Free guest wifi
Google Review – “We stayed for 3 nights and had no complaints, although we did use our own data for the TV as the free Wi-Fi seemed slow. Friendly service, clean room, nice view and it was quiet. The location is great for getting to most places on KI, except for the east island. ” – Brad Horne

2. Hanson Bay Cabins

Hanson Bay Cabins
These cabins are onsite suites that have spectacular views of the southern ocean. It has 200,000 acres of parkland where people can take a nice walk while watching lots of koalas. Guests can also enjoy 100 metres of a safe swimming beach. Each cabin has facilities like a kitchen, dishwasher, microwave, and combustion heaters. They only have a minimum 3-night stay policy. So if you book a cabin there, you have to pay for three nights.
Name Hanson Bay Cabins
Address 476 Hanson Bay Rd, Karatta SA 5223, Australia
Opening Hours -
Phone number +61885597344
Facilities Café/bistro | Garden/park | Garden terrace | Breakfast

3. Western KI Caravan Park

Western KI Caravan Park
It is a 2-bedroom cabin with a kitchen. A little shop is available to buy stuff like cheese, meat, wines, beer, and snacks. There is enough space to park cars or even a caravan. You can use that space for a campfire. You can spot koalas and kangaroos here. This cabin does not provide you with wifi, but it gives you the chance to connect to nature. This place is perfect if you want to temporarily disconnect from the world and have some quality time with your family.
Name Western Ki Caravan Park
Address 7928 S Coast Rd, Karatta SA 5223, Australia
Opening Hours -
Phone number +61885597201
Facilities Barbeque | Camp Kitchen | Carpark | Communal Kitchen | Communal Refrigerator
Google Review – “Great place to stay on the western end of KI right at the park entrance. Hosts Mark and Fiona are super friendly – there is petrol and a general store too.” – Stan Gorton

Top Dining Picks On Kangaroo Island

A journey cannot be continued on an empty stomach. For it, this Island offers its visitors great food and classy wines and is well-known for its seafood, like oysters, abalone, marron, and King George whiting as well. You can check out the list below to see some of the famous places to eat on the island.

1. Sunset Food and Wine

Sunset Food and Wine

This place is a small restaurant with a bar where you can get the pleasure of eating and drinking. It has an outdoor seating facility and is also renowned to serve its vegan dishes. You can have an amazing view of the beautiful American beach while enjoying your food. This restaurant was awarded the Chef Hat from the Australian Good Food Guide in 2017. It became the first restaurant to receive the Chef Hat Award on Kangaroo Island.

Name Sunset Food and Wine
Address 4564 Hog Bay Rd, Kangaroo Head SA 5222, Australia
Opening Hours Monday: Closed
Tuesday: 12:00–3:30pm
Wednesday: 6:00–9:00pm
Thursday: 12:00–9:00pm
Friday: 12:00–9:00pm
Saturday: 12:00–9:00pm
Sunday: Closed
Phone number +61421072200
Facilities Private Parking | Non-Smoking | Patio/Outdoor Dining
Google Review – “When you visit Sunset Food and Wine you get the whole package, wonderful food, wonderful service and a wonderful view. We really enjoyed our dining experience and would recommend the Feed Me menu to anyone visiting the island. ” – Kat Gabel  

2. Bella Cafe & Pizza Bar

Bella Cafe

Bella has been known for making pizza on Kangaroo Island for the past twenty years or two decades. They are the oldest in Kingscote. Although their name says pizza bar, they have lots of other things on their menu, like pasta, cakes, salads, burgers, toasties, and sweets. Every week, they have weekly specials. They offer both dine-in and takeout.

Name Bella Cafe & Pizza Bar
Address 64 Dauncey St, Kingscote SA 5223, Australia
Opening Hours Monday: Closed
Tuesday: 12:00–8:00pm
Wednesday: 12:00–8:00pm
Thursday: 12:00–8:00pm
Friday: 12:00–8:00pm
Saturday: 4:00–8:00pm
Sunday: Closed
Phone number +61885533228
Facilities Surveyors | Takeaways | Alfresco/Outdoor Dining | Home Delivery
Google Review – “What a great find. Friendly service and great food. I loved the arancini (starter) and the desert ” – Hans Spielthenner  

3. Penneshaw Pub

Penneshaw Pub

Known for its beers, international wines, and amazing ocean views from the top of the cliff on the western side of the town, comes The Penneshaw Pub. It’s been here since 1886, making it older than a century or 100 years. Inspired by local classics and coastal foods, they have a lot of dishes on their menu. Many people book this place to celebrate their special occasions as well.

Name Penneshaw Pub
Address North Terrace, Penneshaw SA 5222, Australia
Opening Hours Monday: 11am–9:30pm
Tuesday: 11am–9:30pm
Wednesday: 11am–9:30pm
Thursday: 11am–9:30pm
Friday: 11am–9:30pm
Saturday: 11am–9:30pm
Sunday: 11am–9:30pm
Phone number +61885531042
Facilities Alfresco/Outdoor Dining | Bar | Carpark | Family Friendly | Live Music | Suitable for functions
Google Review – “Great Place. Really good veggie Burger (not the mushy vegetable patties you find everywhere) and excellent fries! We also loved the Falafel Salad. Staff was super lovely too. And the views on top 10/10 ” – Elena Merget  

4. Cactus Kangaroo Island

Cactus Kangaroo Island

Cactus Kangaroo Island is a combination of a cafe and a restaurant. This is also quite famous for its location, as it resides in the heart of Kingscote City. They have a very friendly staff that provides epic services to their visitors. Their menu is really great, with lots of options to choose from, including house-made cakes, freshly squeezed fruit juice, varieties of coffee, a large number of local wines, and craft beer as well. The place is perfect to go and have a delicious meal with your family.

Name Cactus Kangaroo Island
Address 54 Dauncey St, Kingscote SA 5223, Australia
Opening Hours Monday: 7:30am–2:30pm
Tuesday: 7:30am–2:30pm
Wednesday: 7:30am–2:30pm
Thursday: 7:30am–2:30pm
Friday: 7:30am–2:30pm
Saturday: 7:30am–2:30pm
Sunday: 7:30am–2:30pm
Phone number +61473311049
Facilities BBQ facility Outdoor seating | Medical Facilities
Google Review – “What an amazing place.! It was so good to be there, loved their food, coffee and ambiance. It was all perfect ❤️ 🏻 ” – Aditi Sheokand  


Kangaroo Island is the third-largest island in Australia. This island is not just home to wild animals, but some organisations like the Kangaroo Island Wildlife Park and Raptor Domain help in rescue from all over Australia and give shelter and medical treatment to them. It has a lot of amazing places to stay and eat. For sports lovers, there are places like Little Sahara Adventure Centre and Kangaroo Island Outdoor Action where one can indulge in activities like sandboarding, biking, and kayaking. We hope to provide you with a complete guide to the island and the things you can do there. Thank you for reading!

Frequently Asked Questions

The special things about Kangaroo Island are the great farmlands, coastal sightseeing, and abundant wildlife. This island is well-known for spotting kangaroos, koalas, seals, and sea lions.
Kangaroo Island has many nicknames. The island is called by its initials, “KI.” A French explorer named Boudin named this island “I’Île Decrès” on his first published map of this island in 1811. The native people called it “Karta Pintingga,” which means “the island of the dead.”
Kangaroo Island is the third-largest island in Australia. It is 155 kilometres long and fifty-five kilometres wide. This island covers an area of 4,416 km2. It is separated from the mainland by a fifteen-kilometre-wide ocean.
The biggest city on the island is Kingscote. This city is also the centre point for all commercial and business purposes. It is located on the coast of Nepean Bay, which is on the north-east side of the island. This city is well-known for its restaurants, cafes, and shopping malls.
Kangaroo Island is a remote location because of its very natural environment and the cost of transportation and freight charges that apply to every resident living on the island.

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