2024 Australia’s Best Festivals You Must Attend

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Majorly well-known for its vibrant wildlife, Australia also has a backbone of festivals based on music, food, and seasons. This is one of those nations that embraces its diversity, with a multifarious musical, cultural, and culinary celebration happening all around the nation. Adelaide Festival, Melbourne International Comedy Festival, New Year’s Eve, and Byron Bay Bluesfest are a few to mention from the long list of 22 of Australia’s best festivals covered in today’s topic.

At times when your friends and family are indulging in some of the biggest events and festivals in PAN Australia, one can’t even think of missing their fellowship. For all those interested in knowing the diversity that this great nation located in the Southern Hemisphere has to offer, keep reading, as all the names of the festivals and events included in this blog are an absolute must on a party animal’s bucket list.

1. Capture the Essence Of Australian Open

Location: Melbourne

Date: 7th January – 28th January

Along with the range of exciting tennis matches played with a distinctive blend of cultural festivities and sportsmanship, the Australian Open is also well-known for the music and party-based atmosphere that get created here. Being one of the major components of the Grand Slam tennis tournaments, the state of Melbourne witnesses a great number of players and spectators coming from all over the globe.

Melbourne’s Australian Open

2. Observe Australia Day

Location: Sydney Opera House

Date: 26th January

Being Australia’s national day, this day marks the anniversary of the arrival of the first fleet of the 11 convict ships from Great Britain as well as the uplifting of the national flag of the United Kingdom at Sydney Cove by the commander named Captain Arthur Phillip in 1788. The locals memorialise this day by throwing the shrimp on the barbie and by watching a spectacular fireworks show as well. One can simply head over to the Sydney Opera House to see a concert taking place and witness the glory that this memorable day has to offer.

Observe Australia Day

3. All Are Equal At Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras

Location: Sydney

Date: 16th February – 3rd March

This is also one of the most prestigious festivals in Australia. This is an LGBT rights-based celebration, or festival, as one might quote it, that prolongs up to three weeks and ends at the annual parade. People from all over the world gather at Sydney’s Mardi Gras to take part in this comprehensive celebration that is portrayed by factors such as pride, love, and self-expression as well. It is also considered one of Australia’s best tourist attractions, as it has been held for the last 40 years.

Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras

4. Variety At Its Peak At The Adelaide Fringe

Location: Adelaide

Date: 16th February – 17th March

Unlike some other festivals happening around the nation of Australia, the Adelaide Fringe allows an individual to stand out from the crowd and showcase himself or herself and his or her skills. You can also get in the right mood immediately, as several activities will be happening and taking place all around you, like comedy shows, or you can even witness the exceptional dance performances taking place. Get registered in minutes and become a part of one of the biggest arts festivals in Australia.

Adelaide Fringe

5. Launceston & Hobart’s Mona Foma

Location: Hobart, Tasmania

Date: 15th February – 2nd March

Being held at two different locations named Launceston and Hobart, this is one of the most famous cultural festivals organised by a museum called the Museum of Old and New Art. It’s a festival that is held over two weeks at which visitors come from various locations to celebrate music, art, and culture as well. For those having a kid under the age of 12, this place needs to be on their go-to list, as entry for them is free, requiring a booking.

Launceston & Hobart’s Mona Foma

6. Don’t Miss The Melbourne International Arts Festival

Location: Melbourne

Date: TBA

Another one on the list of the top 22 of Australia’s best festivals is the Melbourne International Arts Festival. The high-spirited and varying arts scene of this nation is celebrated at a great level at this event. Theatre, film, dance, visual arts, music, and a lot of other artistic disciplines are exhibited and recognised at this festival. Not only the locals but many international artists also come here to create a space wherein multifarious cultural experiences, as well as creative ideas, are exchanged.

Melbourne International Arts Festival

7. Imagination Beaming High At The Adelaide Festival Of Arts

Location: Adelaide

Date: 1st March – 17th March

Commenced in 2017 and celebrated each year, the Adelaide Festival of Arts looks much like a new addition to the list of the major festivals that the people of Australia witness. Despite receiving an unfavourable response, this festival has grown so much that it has successfully encapsulated the attention of a global audience with its diverse range of performances consisting of visual arts, literature, cabaret, opera, dance forms, and contemporary and classical music as well.

Adelaide Festival Of Arts

8. Get United At The Moomba Festival

Location: Melbourne

Date: 7th March- 11th March

One of the few Australian festivals that this nation hosts that is celebrated on an annual basis, The Moomba Festival allows people to come and get united, allowing them to showcase what they’ve got as a team. It dates back to the early 1950s, when it got started, and now features some colourful parades, thrilling water sports competitions taking place on the Yarra River, and a plethora of cultural performances happening as well. It needs to be on your must-attend list of the best Australian festivals in 2024.

Moomba Festival

9. Get Entertained At The Castlemaine State Festival

Location: Lands Of The Dja Dja Wurrung

Date: TBA

Get ready to get entertained with the Castlemaine’s State Festival, which has left a great impact on the cultural and social environment of central Victoria and its nearby locations. This festival is a 10-day arts and theatre festival, allowing one to get entertained with theatre, dance, opera, music, and some visual arts programmes as well. Commenced by its founder, Berek Segan AM OBE, in 1976, this festival has become Australia’s longest-running regional arts festival one can ever witness. For all the art appraisers, coming here would be the best decision for their lives.

Castlemaine State Festival

10. Fill Your Tummy At Melbourne Food & Wine Festival

Location: Melbourne

Date: 15th March – 24th March

Get ready to say goodbye to your food cravings at the Melbourne Food & Wine Festival that is going to be held in March. This food carnival brings together the best of eating, drinking, cooking, dancing, and various classical as well as latest trends all in one place. Based out of Melbourne, this spectacular event brings together this city’s major culinary delicacies across several places. Some of the culinary talents showcased by some culinary geniuses include ‘World’s Longest Lunch’, provided by Andrew McConnell, ‘World’s Longest Brunch’ led by Cocobella, and much more.

Melbourne Food & Wine Festival

11. Laugh Loudly With Melbourne International Comedy Festival (MICF)

Location: Melbourne

Date: 27th March – 21st April

One of the most well-perceived stand-up comedy festivals being held on an annual basis in Australia is the Melbourne International Comedy Festival (MICF). Being held in Melbourne, a lot of crowds gather after registering themselves to celebrate it, and this celebration continues for 4 weeks. All the top-notch comedians are accompanied by some excellent, musically gifted entertainers who set the stage on fire for people. For those who get tired after a while, a lot of culinary delights are there to rejoice in.

Melbourne International Comedy Festival

12. Witness The Blues Genre With The Byron Bay Bluesfest

Location: New South Wales

Date: 28th March- 1st April

Not just from Australia, but artists from all over the world come and get together to unleash and showcase their musical genius at this five-day Blues music festival. It’s one of the leading modern music festivals that happens in New South Wales, in Byron Bay, Australia. With time, due to its increasing popularity, it has become a heaven for all those who truly love music, and it’s been rooted in their blood. Not just music, but several bars, food spots, and large grocery stores are there to explore and benefit from after getting booked.

Byron Bay Bluesfest

13. Join Social Forces At The Parrtjima

Location: Alice Springs

Date: 12th April – 21st April

You can’t think of missing out on the festival of Parrtjima, which is another addition to our list of the major festivals in Australia. Being connected with your truly loved ones is what this festival aims to portray and spread awareness about. It’s also called a festival of light as it’s fully dedicated to commemorating the Aboriginal culture and spreading awareness about it as well. With the help of incredible installations, screenings, interactive workshops, live music, and talks, the traditional and unexplored art forms of this nation are made public for everyone after they get registered.

Social Forces At The Parrtjima

14. Get Electrified At The Ultra Australia

Location: Melbourne

Date: 13th April

Another widely known and anticipated Australian festival is Ultra Australia, which boosts this nation’s music scene to a greater level. Among all the festivals occurring in Australia, this one stands as a clear winner with its electrifying atmosphere, combined with an extraordinary lineup of some of the best and most renowned international as well as local artists. A great number of people come and gather here to create some of the best and most unforgettable memories for themselves after they get tickets.

Electrified At The Ultra Australia

15. Strike A Chord At The Vivid Sydney Winter Festival

Location: Sydney

Date: 24 May – 15 June

Another one on our list of the best musical festivals in Australia is The Vivid Sydney Winter Festival. Artists and musical celebrities from all over the globe come here and share some of their valuable ideas, and some of them even perform. In recent years, more than 2 million people attended this great festival, illuminating the energy that was drained from the people living here.

Vivid Sydney Winter Festival

16. July Is Yours With The Splendour In The Grass 

Location: Byron Bay

Date:19th July – 21st July

Another addition to the list of festivals taking place alongside Byron Bay is Splendour In The Grass. Going back in time, it was first held in the year 2001 and now takes place each year in July, making it a must-attend for every music lover as it needs to be included in their bucket list of must-go places. Don’t believe us; ask any Aussie then and get their response.

Splendour In The Grass

17. Creative Vibrance At The Darwin Festival

Location: Northern Territory

Date: 8th August – 25th August

Coming next on our list of the best festivals to look for in Australia is the Darwin Festival which stands as lively evidence of the richness of all the Australian festivals. It captures the various diverse artistic expressions and cultures of all people living in this nation very well with the help of its captivating performances and artistic exhibitions as well. All those who will attend this great festival, for sure, will get a glimpse of this nation’s vibrant cultural heritage as well as the commitment that they hold with them to celebrate the arts in all of their various forms.

Darwin Festival

18. Share The Stage With Performers At The Floriade

Location: Canberra

Date: 14th September – 13th October

Australia is one of the very few nations in the world that is renowned for showing its love for the flora and vibrant outdoor festivities that it has to offer. Not just in one single city, but The Floriade is celebrated in multiple cities across this very nation. The breathtaking floral displays, backed by some of the most versatile and engaging cultural events, are a few of the things that we could name, making this festival the best choice for everyone to pay a visit at least once in their life.

The Stage With Performers At The Floriade

19. Catch The Beat At Interstellar Groove

Location: Whroo

Date: 31st October – 3rd November

Celebrated in the mesmerising Victorian countryside, one needs to come and enjoy this amazing 3-day-based musical fiesta that is backed by several meticulously curated workshops, providing an immersive experience for all witnessing it. Some of this nation’s best DJs and house- and techno-loving musicians come and leave their mark on the minds of thousands of attendees. Get ready to spend your weekend phenomenally by becoming a part of this extravaganza.

Interstellar Groove

20. Watch The Extravaganza At The Melbourne Cup

Location: Melbourne

Date: 5th November

Being one of the most highly anticipated and iconic fiestas, the Melbourne Cup is a race that runs over 3,200 metres, making it such an exciting event to witness for everyone after getting registered. This race is held at one of Australia’s most prestigious racecourses, Flemington Racecourse in Melbourne. Visitors from all over the nation come and mark their attendance, making it more than just a sporting event. To celebrate the unique cultural activities that the Aussies have showcasing their essence, this day is even marked as a public holiday in Melbourne.

Extravaganza At The Melbourne Cup

21. Honour The Tradition At The Woodford Folk Festival

Location: Woodford, Queensland

Date: 27th December – 1st January

You can’t afford to miss one of Australia’s biggest cultural festivals. The Woodford Folk Festival is aimed at glorifying art and folk music with a wide range of performances, ranging from dance and music to comedy and street theatres. Not just attending the workshops, the visitor also gets the opportunity to learn something for himself just by getting a ticket. Don’t just trust our word; ask any Aussie and get confident as to why this is one of Australia’s biggest festivals.

Woodford Folk Festival

22. New Beginnings With The New Year’s Eve

Location: Sydney

Date: 31st December

We are all well aware of the way New Year’s Eve is celebrated all around the world, but Sydney’s year-ending celebration for New Year’s Eve is undoubtedly something to look out for. At present, this Eve is backed by multiple fireworks events in Sydney, and to witness them, one needs to reach the Sydney Harbour to mark their new year’s beginnings in style. The sparks of the fireworks lighting up the sky and making it colourful are something to look out for.

New Year’s Eve

Holiday Calendar In Australia

Keeping track of all the festivals occurring in a calendar year is not as easy as it might seem to many. These are the kinds of scenarios wherein it kind of gets a lot confusing for Aussie people and foreigners visiting here to plan their trips and vacations based on these festivals. Thus, to make it very much easier for you guys, we’ve organised all the major Australian festivals into a small list to easily grab.

Festival Date
Australian Open 7th January - 28th January
Australia Day 26th January
Sydney’s Mardi Gras 16th February - 3rd March
Adelaide Fringe 16th February - 17th March
Mona Foma 15th February - 2nd March
Melbourne International Arts Festival TBA
The Adelaide Festival of Arts 1st March - 17th March
Moomba Festival 7th March- 11th March
Castlemaine State Festival TBA
Melbourne Food & Wine Festival 15th March - 24th March 2024
Melbourne International Comedy Festival 27th March - 21st April
Byron Bay Bluesfest 28th March- 1st April
The Parrtjima 12th April - 21st April
Ultra Australia 13th April
Vivid Sydney 24th May - 15th June
Splendour in the Grass 19th July - 21st July
Darwin Festival 8th August - 25th August
The Floriade 14th September - 13th October
Interstellar Groove 31st October - 3rd November
The Melbourne Cup 5th November
Woodford Folk Festival 27th December - 1st January
New Year's Eve 31st December

Best Australian Festival Checklist To Assist You

Irrespective of your travel and tourism experience, you need to check some points on your must-have essentials if you are looking for a vacation escape. This will allow you to take full advantage of the festival fabulousness that these occasions have to offer and will save you from unnecessary chaos and trouble that otherwise you will surely face being unprepared.

Without any further delay, let’s just head on to the list of the things one needs to pack for themselves that will ensure that they have packed everything for themselves to embark upon a festival fiesta in Australia.

Bag (Carry All Your Essentials) Gopro (Capture Every Moment)
Camp (Stay Outdoor Safely) Paracetamol (Lower The Degree And Uplift Your Mood)
Sleeping Bag (Sleep With Ease) Hand Sanitizer (Remove Germs!)
Blow-Up Bed (Sleep Anywhere) Tissues (Clean Everything)
Shade (Your Eyes Needs Protection) Ready To Eat Food (You Might Require It)
First Aid Kit (Don’t Get Hurt) Reusable Utensils (Eat Well!)

To Conclude

The themes of all the festivals that the Aussies celebrate are truly amazing and full of vigourous celebrations taking place all year. People across the globe are well aware of the fact that the Australian people really live like tomorrow doesn’t exist at all, and the same is visible in their charisma that they carry with themselves while celebrating all the fiestas.

For all those heading to Australia for the very first time, marking their attendance at all the above-mentioned festivals is a must to know what being an Aussie feels like. So don’t keep on waiting any longer, take your companion with you, and go on hunting for what these multiple theme-based festivals have to offer.

Frequently Asked Questions

The list is long, but the most popular festivals in Australia are the Adelaide Festival of Arts, Melbourne International Comedy Festival (MICF), New Year’s Eve, Byron Bay Bluesfest, and more.
Some of Australia’s most famous festivals for food include the Melbourne Food & Wine Festival, the Byron Bay Bluesfest, and more.
The Byron Bay Bluesfest and the Woodford Folk Festival are two of Australia’s major celebrations in its music locus.
Celebrating the spring season in Australia comes several festivals encompassing Parrtjima, Australia Day, and New Year’s Eve.
They take part in public countdowns made at large events in major cities, whereas many of them celebrate it on boat cruises or at beaches and urban parklands.

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