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Australia is one of the leading producers of wine, which every year produces more than 100 varieties of grapes that are cultivated in 65 different wine areas. The most fascinating fact is that Australia is the world’s fifth-largest wine exporter. After becoming the fifth-largest exporter in the world, Australian wines have tremendously increased the variety of brands and accessibility.

As you explore the wines in Australia, you will find out that there is a wide variety of wines that come in red, white, and sparkling styles. Australian wines have gained popularity not only due to their diverse variety they produce but also in the quality and quantity they offer. Australia has something for everyone to try and explore, from classic to contemporary, as well as refined to unfiltered.

The name of the wine has a deep connection with the variety of grapes used in it since wines are frequently labelled with the name of the grape variety, which makes up at least 85% of the wine. So now it’s time to explore the best Australian wines that you can try with your friends and family.

1. Clonakilla 2019 Shiraz-Viognier (Canberra District)

Clonakilla 2019 Shiraz-Viognier

Clonakilla’s Shiraz-Viognier is one of the first Australian wines that helped launch the new wave of delicious, softly-smelled Shiraz wines. This wine is still served with its aesthetic standard, as it has the colour of cherry juice and has completely balanced flavours of white pepper and rose petals. 

This fine wine is made of freshly squeezed cranberry, cherry, and raspberry juice and is highlighted by pleasant mineral flavours. As you drink this wine, you will get the sweetness of something similar to brambly fruit and fresh red berries. This is one of the best Australian wines from a cool climate, and it is the most popular wine in Australia.

Rating 96
Alcohol 14 %
Price $121
Bottle Size 750 ml
Wine Type Red

2. Bindi 2019 Kostas Rind Chardonnay (Victoria)

Bindi 2019 Kostas Rind Chardonnay

Michael Dhillon is one of the best wine growers and has a lot of experience and knowledge in producing wine. He produced Bindi 2019 Kostas Rind Chardonnay, which is a very dedicated and concentrated wine that gives you the feeling that you are on vacation and enjoying it.

This wine is made using citrus and stone fruits and is blended with the smell of honeysuckle and jasmine. This wine will give you a fresh and refreshing taste because of the fruit purity present in it, making it smooth and slippery at the same time. This is a simple and loveable wine that showcases the place it comes from.

Rating 95
Alcohol 13 %
Price $90
Bottle Size 750 ml
Wine Type White

3. Lambert 2019 Nebbiolo (Yarra Valley)

Lambert 2019 Nebbiolo

The Lambert 2019 Nebbiolo is a very famous Australian wine that was made by Luke Lambert in the Yarra Valley, Victoria. He has managed to make one of the best expressions of fussy variety outside the Piedmont region. The soil in the Yarra Valley has a unique and distinct terroir, which is made up of granitic sand on granite bedrock, giving the wine an exclusive identity. 

Along with the soil, the climate also plays a very significant role in defining the wine texture and colour, from the amount of brightness it gets to the floral perfumes and the redness it gets. The organic beauty of this wine is enhanced by the flavours of fresh wild strawberries and raspberries, white pepper, flowers, and minerals.

Rating 97
Alcohol 13.5%
Price $65
Bottle Size 750 ml
Wine Type Red

4. Frankland Estate 2019 Estate Grown Dry Riesling (Frankland River)

Frankland Estate

Frankland Estate 2019 Estate Grown Dry Riesling is a fantastic and highly detailed Riesling grape wine that has outstanding value. This wine is made up of rich flavours that include crushed gravel, kerosene, scrubby wild lavender, and fresh lemon. It is a delicious wine that gives you a bright and juicy taste as you sip it. 

Along with this, it leaves a lemony taste for a long period of time due to its unique texture, which is a little slinky and slippery. This wine is prepared in the western region of Australia, making it a perfect place for both age-worthy and simultaneously accessible wines.

Rating 95
Alcohol 13.5 %
Price $28
Bottle Size 750 ml
Wine Type White

5. Cullen 2019 Wilyabrup Cabernet Sauvignon-Merlot (Margaret River)


Cullen 2019 Wilyabrup Cabernet Sauvignon-Merlot is an iconic wine that is organically produced and is quite renowned among people. It has also gone through three stages of judging based on a blind taste and was rated by some of the world’s leading wine experts. 2019 has been the coolest year than usual since during that phase the wine has gained a lot of reviews and appreciation for its elegance and floral attributes.

This wine is also famous for its multilayered and highly expressive smell that is a little juicy, like the fragrance of the flowers, similar to West Australian wildflowers. A refreshing eucalyptus edge enhances the classic charm of the wine. Strong yet flavourful, the overall sweet or sentimental chiselled berries offer enough to give a lot of flavour.

Rating 96
Alcohol 13%
Price $40
Bottle Size 750 ml
Wine Type Red

6. Seppeltsfield 1921 Para Shiraz-Grenache (Barossa Valley)

Seppeltsfield 1921 Para

The Seppeltsfield Collection is known as the world’s first single-vintage wine that carries a continuous legacy of releasing wine every year since 1878. This bottle is filled with a variety of flavours and smells that give you memories of the past, such as the sharp taste of dried leather from a tanning plant, smoked nuts, dark chocolate, and date cake.

Along with this, as you consume this wine, you will get a texture similar to the one when you are consuming the stain. As you drink this refreshing wine, you will get to know about the flavours in depth, and along with that, the aftertaste of this wine lasts for several minutes.

Rating 100
Alcohol Na
Price $1000
Bottle Size 750 ml
Wine Type Fortified

7. Chambers Rosewood Vineyards NV Muscat (Rutherglen)

Chambers Rosewood Vineyards NV Muscat

Chambers Rosewood Vineyards NV Muscat is the leading producer of Rutherglen-type wine that has a greenish border and a burned orange-sunset colour in the glass. The taste of this wine is something like the tempting flavours of orange salted caramel, honey, Medjool dates, and almond bloom.

The grapes for this wine are harvested when the berries are totally ripe and have mostly shrunk. This bottle has gained such a good amount of fame by adding the right amount of acidity to keep it from going into the syrup area. Along with this, the wine gives you a delightfully strong blend of spice and fruit tastes that remains in the mouth for a long period of time.

Rating 99
Alcohol 19%
Price $16
Bottle Size 375 ml
Wine Type Dessert

8. Stargazer 2019 Tupelo White (Tasmania)

Stargazer 2019 Tupelo White

The best and coolest climate for growing wine in Australia is found in Tasmania. This wine was made by Samantha Connew, who was successful in conveying the region’s ability to produce sophisticated and refined wines with the small-batch label. The Tupelo is made up of 57% Pinot Gris, 32% Riesling, and 11% Gewürztraminer, and each of these varieties carries a unique blend and taste. 

When you open the bottle, you will get a gentle mist and the delicate smells of rose water, orange, and honey-flecked pear. The charm of this wine is showcased by its beautiful structure and crystalline freshness. This bottle is a refreshing drink that best suits a variety of dishes.

Rating 93
Alcohol 12.5%
Price $40
Bottle Size 750 ml
Wine Type White

9. Angove 2019 Warboys Vineyard Grenache (McLaren Vale)

Angove 2019 Warboys Vineyard Grenache

Angove 2019 Warboys Vineyard Grenache is an iconic wine that is prepared by using an antique wooden basket press and comes from coastal grapevines that are more than 50 years old. Along with this, it is one of the most organic-biodynamic producers so far since it completely balances the drinkability and complexity of the wine.

This wine is mainly made up of brambly blueberry fruit, and in addition to this, you will find a complete blend of dry herbs, spices, and flowers, giving it a unique and refreshing taste. The colour scheme of this wine has a linear structure and is elegant and tasteful.

Rating 95
Alcohol 14.5%
Price $75
Bottle Size 750 ml
Wine Type Red

10. Clover Hill 2015 Cuvee Exceptionnelle Blanc De Blancs Sparkling (Tasmania)

Cuvee Exceptionnelle Blanc De Blancs

Clover’s Blanc de Blancs is an outstanding wine that is made completely from Chardonnay grapes. You will find bright, shimmering bubbles in this wine with a light golden colour combined with a strong fragrance of apple orchids, which is something like when the majority of the apples have fallen to the ground.

Along with this, you will find deep and rich flavours of brioche, honey, and toasted hazelnuts. As you take in the wine, you will notice that all the richness and coolness are combined in the mouth with a strong burst of crisp acidity and a lasting froth.

Rating 95
Alcohol 12%
Price $50
Bottle Size 750 ml
Wine Type Sparkling

11. Delinquente 2021 Tuff Nutt Bianco d’Alessano Sparkling (Riverland)

Tuff Nutt Bianco

This is a delicious wine that is made of an uncommon variety of grapes called Bianco d’Alessano from Puglia, Italy. In this wine, you will find an interesting blend of flavours, including pineapple chunks, ginger spice, and honeysuckle. It is less spicy as compared to the ingredients suggested.

In addition to this, it has sharp bubbles and delicate acidity. As you drink this wine, you will find citrous and pineapple flavours that come afterwards, adding to the overall taste of the wine. The taste has been described as having a hint of salty flavour while remaining fresh and delicious.

Rating 92
Alcohol 11%
Price $22
Bottle Size 750 ml
Wine Type Sparkling

Final Thoughts

Australia, being the hub of wine producers, features a lot of fascinating wine varieties from which you can choose and pick, so that there is something that can suit everyone’s taste and preference. Whether you’re an expert in the field or a curious beginner, Australia offers a wide variety of reasonably priced, family-owned wines.

Now it is time to explore the world of Australian wines to find your next best wine. You will be glad to know that Australia has plenty of options to taste and try. So get ready to open a lovely Australian wine, offering everything from strong reds to relaxing whites, with a lot more options between the two.

Frequently Asked Questions

The most popular wine in Australia is Shiraz, which contributes to almost 45% of all Australian red wines produced. Along with this, Chardonnay is the second most popular wine in Australia, making up almost half of all white wine grapes produced.
There are a lot of reasons that make Australian wines popular, such as the warm and dry climate that is perfect for growing grapes. In addition to this, the prices are affordable, along with the high quality and intense fruity flavours.
The Australian wine industry has a significant role, as it contributes nearly $45 billion every year to the economy.
Australian wine’s cost is influenced by a number of factors, including labour costs, vineyard cultivation expenses, weather conditions, etc., making wine relatively inexpensive within Australia.

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